Identifier: 12

Title of the Review/Article: 

Ancient Spanish Ballads, Historical and Romantic, translated by J. G. Lockart [sic], LL.B.

Periodical (dates): The Literary Examiner (1823)
Volume: 1
Number: 4
Date: 1823 (July)
Place of publication: London
Pages: 58-61
Editor: Leigh Hunt (1784-1859)
Author (Reviewer): Unidentified
Book (Reviewed):

John Gibson Lockhart, trans. Ancient Spanish Ballads: Historical and Romantic (Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood and T. Cadell, 1823).

Brief description:

Negative review of Lockhart’s Ancient Spanish Ballads (1823)

Spanish works translated (P=Partially, F=Fully):

“Muerte de Don Alonso de Aguilar” [Ginés Pérez de Hita, Historia de los bandos de Zegríes y Abencerrajes, 1595] (Unidentified) (P)

Other relevant Spanish names mentioned:

Ferdinand II, King of Aragon and, by marriage, King of Castile (1452-1516)

Alfonso Fernández de Córdoba, “Alonso de Aguilar” (c.1447-1501)

Spanish place names: