Identifier: 18

Title of the Review/Article: 

Horae Hispanicae. The Ruins of the Castle of St. Cervantes. The Fall of Roderick and Spain (Article no. III)

Periodical (dates): Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (1817-1980)
Volume: 8
Number: 46
Date: 1821 (January)
Place of publication: Edinburgh
Pages: 359-360
Editor: William Blackwood (1776-1834) and Thomas Cadell (1742-1802)
Author (Reviewer): George Downes (1790-1846)
Brief description:

Translation of Góngora’s poem “Castillo de San Cervantes” and the ballad “Romance del rey Don Rodrigo”. It includes a reader’s letter, under the initials of T. C., who mentions issue 39 and the Spanish ballads published in this issue. He also mentions Georges Bernand Depping and Thomas Rodd. There is a very interesting reflection in a footnote about the problematic translation of the word “desengaño”.

Spanish authors mentioned:

Fray Luis de León (1527-1591)

Spanish works translated (P=Partially, F=Fully):

“Castillo de San Cervantes” [Obras en verso del Homero español, que recogió Juan López de Vicuña, 1627] (Luis de Góngora) (F)

“Romance del rey Don Rodrigo” [Romancero general, 1604] (Anon.) (F)

Other relevant Spanish names mentioned:

Don Rodrigo (688-711)

Florinda la Cava

Spanish place names:


El Tajo

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