Identifier: 11

Title of the Review/Article: 

Literary Notices. Letters from Spain. By Don Leucadio Doblado

Periodical (dates): The Examiner (1808-1886)
Number: 767
Date: 1822 (15 September)
Place of publication: London
Pages: 585-585
Editor: John Hunt (1775-1848) and Leigh Hunt (1784-1859)
Author (Reviewer): Q.
Book (Reviewed):

Joseph Blanco White. Letters from Spain. By Don Leucadio Doblado (London: Henry Colburn and Co., 1822).

Brief description:

Brief review of Joseph Blanco White’s Letters from Spain. The reviewer recommends it for its genuine depiction of Spanish manners and the superstition and despotism dominating the country. Blanco is identified as the author of this work.

Spanish authors mentioned:

Joseph Blanco White (1775-1841)

Spanish works mentioned:

Letters from Spain (Blanco White, 1822)

Other relevant Spanish names mentioned:

María Luisa de Parma (1751-1819)

Manuel de Godoy y Álvarez de Faria (1767-1851)

Charles II of Spain (1661-1700)

Spanish place names: