Identifier: 31

Title of the Review/Article: 

On Spanish Literature, with Some Account of Francisco de Olivarez.

Periodical (dates): The New Monthly Magazine (1814-1884)
Volume: 10
Number: 57
Date: 1818 (October)
Place of publication: London
Pages: 221-224
Editor: Henry Colburn (1784/5-1855)
Author (Reviewer): John Mitford (1781-1859)
Brief description:

Biographical account of Francisco de Olivarez who, according to John Mitford, was a Spanish soldier, historian and poet. Mitford mentions the titles of a number of poems and songs created by Olivarez as well as numerous works on the history of Spain. Nonetheless, no evidence has been found of the actual existence of neither Francisco de Olivarez nor his works.

Other relevant Spanish names mentioned:

Francisco de Olivarez [unidentified]

José de Palafox y Melci, 1st Duke of Zaragoza [General of the Spanish army] (1775-1847)

Spanish place names:








Medas Islands

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