Identifier: 33

Title of the Review/Article: 

On the Less Celebrated Productions of the Author of Don Quixote. No. II.

Periodical (dates): The New Monthly Magazine (1814-1884)
Volume: 1
Number: 1
Date: 1821 (January)
Place of publication: London
Pages: 163-181
Editor: Henry Colburn (1784/5-1855)
Author (Reviewer): Thomas Sheperd Munden (1800-1850)
Brief description:

Review of Miguel de Cervantes’ El cerco de Numancia (1582-1585) including a long summary and some excerpts in translation. Followed by a review of Cervantes’ El trato de Argel (1582) that includes the enumeration of the dramatis personae, some passages in translation and a summary. The review also includes a short biobraphical note of Cervantes’ captivity in Algiers.

Spanish authors mentioned:

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (1547-1616)
Juan de Mariana, also Father Mariana (1536-1624)

Spanish works mentioned:

El cerco de Numancia (Miguel de Cervantes, 1582-1585)

Don Quijote de la Mancha (Miguel de Cervantes, 1605, 1615)

El trato de Argel (Miguel de Cervantes, 1582)

El amante liberal (Miguel de Cervantes, 1613)

References to editions of Spanish works:

El Teatro Español; ó Coleccion de Dramas escogidos de Lope de Vega, Calderon de la Barca, Moreto, Roxas, Solis, Moratin, y otros célebres Escritores ; precedida de una breve Noticia de la Escena Española y de los autores que la han ilustrado (London: T. Boosey, 1817, 1820, 1821)

Ángel Anaya. An essay on Spanish Literature, containing its history, from the commencement of the Twelfth Century, to the present time, with an account of the best Writers in their several Departments, and some critical remarks, followed by a history of the Spanish drama and specimens of some of the writers of the different ages. Dedicated, by permission, to his excellency the Duque of San Carlos, ambassador from his Catholic Majesty to the Court of London (London: Boosey & Sons, 1818)

Juan de Mariana. Historia general de España (Toledo, 1601)

Spanish works translated (P=Partially, F=Fully):

El cerco de Numancia (Miguel de Cervantes, 1582-1585) (P)

El amante liberal (Miguel de Cervantes, 1613) (P)

Ocho comedias y ocho entremeses nuevos nunca representados (Miguel de Cervantes, 1615) (P) (Prologue to the Reader)

Other relevant Spanish names mentioned:

Philip II of Spain (1537-1598)

Charles I of Spain, also known as Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and Archduke of Austria (1500-1558)

Juan de Mariana, also Father Mariana (1536-1624)

Spanish place names:

River Duero



References to Spanish relevant historic events:

The Siege of Numantia (134-133 BC)

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