Identifier: 20

Title of the Review/Article: 

Vargas, a Tale of Spain

Periodical (dates): Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (1817-1980)
Volume: 12
Number: 71
Date: 1822 (December)
Place of publication: Edinburgh
Pages: 730-740
Editor: William Blackwood (1776-1834) and Thomas Cadell (1742-1802)
Author (Reviewer): John Gibson Lockhart (1794-1854)
Book (Reviewed):

Alexander Dallas. Vargas, A Tale of Spain (London: Baldwin, 1822)

Brief description:

It is a long and detailed review of Alexander Dallas’s Vargas, a Tale of Spain, with many passages taken from the novel. This novel has been wrongly attributed to Joseph Blanco White until recently because Blanco’s authorship is suggested in this review. The editor considers it a plain imitation of Walter Scott’s Waverley (1814). There is also a brief but positive comment on Blanco White’s Letters of Spain (1821).

Spanish authors mentioned:

Jose María Blanco White (1775-1841)

Spanish works mentioned:

Cartas de España (Jose Maríá Blanco White, 1821)

Teatro crítico universal (Benito Jerónimo Feijoo, 1726)

Cartas eruditas y curiosas (Benito Jerónimo Feijoo, 1742-1760)

Spanish works cited (P=Partially, F=Fully):

Vargas, A Tale of Spain (Alexander Dallas, 1822) (P)

Other relevant Spanish names mentioned:

Jose María Blanco White (1775-1841)

Benito Jerónimo Feijoo (1676-1764)

Spanish place names:

Llerena (Badajoz)


References to Spanish relevant historic events:

Spanish Inquisition

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