A one-day event on the presence of Hispanic literature in British magazines of the Romantic period.
This symposium explores an area of Romantic studies practically neglected by the critics: the presence of Hispanic literature in the British periodical press. in the first decades of the nineteenth century, historical events such as the Peninsular War and the crisis of the South American colonies fueled the interest in Hispanic matters. The relations between Great Britain and the Hispanic territories were then subject to a difficult balance of power that was reflected in the ideological filters and discursive strategies with which the British represented the Hispanic culture(s) from both sides of the Atlantic. The periodical press became a central vehicle for the dissemination of Hispanic literature and culture in Great Britain, and a tool for shaping the public opinion about it. The analysis of the articles and reviews on Hispanic literature that appeared in some representative magazines, as well as some instances of significant rewritings, aim to shed light on the ideological and aesthetic implications of its reception in Great Britain.

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